List of Multispeciality Doctor in Kashipur

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  1. phone(05947) 273855, 9756600831
    Gahtori Hospital is one of the most renowned healthcare service provider located in Kashipur. Gahtori Hospital also provides fully equipped ambulance Facility available 24 hours. We provide diffrent type of services like -
    - Emergency
    - Pharmacy Services
    - Boiler & Sterilizers
    Ramnagar Road, Kashipur
    Near By:State Bank of India
  1. phone9837978363
    सुविधाये -
    - सभी प्रकार के ऑपरेशन दूरबीन व चीरे द्वारा |
    - नवीनतम मशीनो से सुसज्जित ऑपरेशन थिएटर |
    - दूरबीन विधि द्वारा ऑपरेशन (TURP) |
    - चीरे द्वारा पेट व अन्य सभी ऑपरेशन |
    - बिना चीरे के गुर्दे व पथरी का इलाज |
    - गुर्दे का ऑपरेशन उर्स, पसनल |
    - ई. सी. जी., पैथोलॉ
    Moradabad Road, Kashipur
    Near By:

List of Multispeciality in Kashipur